Diesel rattle under load

It is caused by design factors, such as number of cylinders, number of propeller blades, engine speed and number of gear teeth. A misfire under load complaint can usually be broken down into 2 categories. Things do rattle that do not under any other conditions. - The noise only happens on cold engine only under load, when driving up the hill/accelerating. ok this is whats A diesel engine in good condition should produce no visible smoke from the exhaust, under most operating conditions. It mostly does it going up hill and now it is starting to do it all the time. Truck has to be under load to get the sound. While other diesel engines handle a heavy-duty pickup’s chores well (i. When i start the engine in the morning, everything runs fine, but as soon as i drive off, there is an extremely loud rattle from the engine, when accelerating (only under load). I am pretty sure it is pinging. It's not spark knock, I've checked the knock sensor with a hammer and it works, and pulling timing didn't help. I developed a rattle in the passenger side dash, sounded like something small rattling around the right dash speaker. Seems to stop/reduce if I hit gas harder on a hill. 4 Powerstroke and 6. RE: Gear rattle under full load? rob768 (Mechanical) 30 Jun 11 05:28 quick and dirty: see if it appears when approaching operating speed. It should also be noted that some light black smoke at high RPM, under load, and/or at higher altitudes is typical of a naturally aspirated IDI diesel engine. A while back I had a rattle I couldn't put my finger on for a long time. Jun 20, 2014 · Hi there, just been looking at your post on the rattling under acceleration and though that sounds familiar. Jaguar X-Type diesel 2. The harness will vibrate because it is also attached up to the engine, when a diesel idles it shakes more. JB117 · Registered. the performance of the car doesn't seem to be affected, but it is quite loud and just doesn't sound healthy. checked Throttle position sensor (OK) with Rhinda scanner - idle =. this lasts only for a couple of miles until the engine warms up a little. In turbocharged diesel engines, combustion noise is less dominant at high-speed and high load steady-state conditions but can become dominant at idle, light-load or under acceleration [2490]. May 14, 2020 · Diesel knock is a by-product of the raised compression and fuel injection process and is an acceptable result of the ignition sequence. We'll break the trucks down into Five categories: Pre-Powerstroke (6. By 12 or 13:1 it would be blowing out oodles of smoke, and by 15 or 16:1 it would be very clean. Blowing white smoke is a red flag for your diesel engine, yet we see this happen all the time to our customers. To me it sounds similar to the IDI diesel rattle you get cold starting with advanced timing, but it's more pronounced and more of a metalic clanking noise for lack of a better work. Upto a maximum rpm limit of approx 1,800 rpm. Its loudest when the car has been sitting for a while. e. Can anyone help me please. - oil, oil filter, air filter all recently changed and ok. 0 55 plate 90k its got a tappet sound when you acelerate ,its sound like a diesel knock but the car drives fine a bit of black smoke if i boot it but goes really well ,there are no lights on so im struggling,i think it maybe an injector or the diesel pump is worn ,any ideas ,thanks ray. Engine spark knock is usually heard during moderate to heavy engine acceleration. pre injection or usually called pilot injection actually reduces the knocking and rattle noise. If you're out for a drive and hear something rattling in your wheels, you need to schedule a Whining During Acceleration. the older D22 uses dual spring injectors to give a 2 stage injection. i just snugged that up and my rattle went away. 6 Sep 2019 Your Car-X Man can diagnose what that under car rattling means and can Thumping on hard acceleration– May be felt through the steering  1 May 2015 Sure, there might be a bundle of rattle snakes living under the hood They often occur during acceleration or while the engine is under load. running the old chev 235 splashers and full pressure , the crank would rattle in the middle when torking in high gear at about 30 MPH, solution was to pull the shims under the mains most of you youngins are never going to experience the problems we old farts had with these crappy cars like re ring jobs every 10K miles unless you were a Ford guy Even with the P-series chip under hard accel from a dead stop up to about 60 mph the EGT's only went to 525 post turbo. 541-485-1434. At 60 to 75 mph I get this fairly loud low pitch whining noise. Oct 31, 2014 · The ECU has no means to ‘learn’ fuel volume values under load and therefore (despite popular belief) the ECU cannot learn fuel values (although it will learn timing). Jun 21, 2013 · Under light loads (+/- 2000 RPM) these engines go into a high advance, so some engine rattle is normal. 7L Powerstroke diesel equipped vehicles may exhibit a ticking noise at idle after an engine oil change. When Diesel came on trial to the North Western Railway, Duck was asked to show him around. If the ambient temp warms up to 50 degrees or so, it ticks regardless if the engine is cold or not. Hours: M-F 7:30am-5:00pm Follow us on Facebook D22 navara surging when under load Driving along and once under load it starts surging, i've changed the fuel filter. The 92 - 93 trucks are equiped with a mechinical 3 speed automatic transmission. Trying to put my finger on a rattle under the hood. This is not my youtube video, but my car sounds EXACTLY like this So, as mileage accumulates – the clatter caused by primary chain slack will increase. The terms valve clatter, pinging, pre-ignition and detonation describe the strange rattle or knock coming from an engine. At round about 2000 rpm under light load, I get a metalic rattle from the top of the engine (think). 16 Feb 2017 There is an issue plaguing Volkswagen 2. The difference is a diesel is designed for this "detonation" to happen constantly, while with a gasser detonation is a sometimes-destructive event. The only thing I have to compare it to is the kubota 3010 I used to have and my brothers L3450. As described in one of the other post it sounds like a spray paint can rattle. 11 Apr 2019 Is your engine knocking, ticking or rattling? Is it happening while under load? Join Master Diesel Mechanic, Mike Schrems as we find a solution  13 Mar 2018 Its really bad when the engines under load towing my boat and can sound like an automatic rifle constantly firing under the bonnet. I've seen loads on the 'Death Rattle' but from my research this only seems to affect the Cooper 'S' model? Also youtube videos of it are very loud and like an old diesel engine. This is as opposed to gasoline engines that operate by a spark/compression ignition system. O & by the way just want to say thanks for this website and all of the help. Mine was making a weird sound only under load and it turned out that the EGR tube was slightly loose. Clutch Oct 04, 2016 · A preview drive of the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD pickup with the redesigned 6. This noise may sound like a rod knock, but it is intermittent and it increases in intensity as the engine warms up to operating temperature. I've spent some time under the truck trying to figure it out and I am 99% sure it's the passenger side catalytic converter. As always YMMV and good luck Install a sound-dampening hood mat under the vehicle’s hood to absorb the noise produced by the engine. 14 Jun 2011 Below about 40°F, certain hydrocarbons in diesel turn gelatinous. Mine does the same thing. This fault was intermittent but is becoming more frequent and beginning to come in lower down the rev range. The motor runs great. 122) with only 90k on the odometer. Engine rather than Tranny Jun 03, 2018 · However, there is no substitute for the Cummins power plant under the hood. 3 and still hasnt skipped a beat. 9TDI PD100 Estate, with just shy of 240,000 miles on the clock. Each term describes a slightly different con dition, but the result is usually the same with each, engine damage. A tuned turbo-diesel would also blow smoke but usually this is anywhere under 15 or 16:1. it now does it with the Howell TBI kit i just installed today. Or in other words. Is your diesel engine ticking while under load? Learn how to diagnose your problem from Master Diesel Mechanic Mike Schrems! cylinder easier to hear and the compression ignition system gives it it's rattle like sound. Certain loud knocking or rattling noises could be a sign that something bad is This is such a common problem that he wrote a manual titled "Why Does My Diesel Rattle and Knock. It would rattle under load at low RPM because of piston pre-firing. Has Rudolf Diesel invented his engine in the 1890s as a way to help independent craftsmen compete with large industries. 4. it helps a lot with noise and emissions. 0 engines (with and without turbo) from years 2008-2013 which can happen at any mileage and at  If the grinding or whirring is coming from under the car, it could be from the Rattling. 5L Turbo diesel The slack in these chains is usually kept tight by hydraulic tensioners. pheeew. if it is a resonance, it will not be present at lower speeds. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Foam behind the ECM has done the trick for 6 months. Have not noticed it on the highway at normal temps, but haven't been listening for it either. Maybe certain things just have the same resonate frequency and gets it to rattle. 1979 240D- 316K miles - VGT Turbo, Intercooler, Stick Shift, Many Other Mods - Daily Driver 1982 300SD - 232K miles - Wife's Daily Driver 1986 560SL - Wife's red speed machine Hi, I have recently purchased S Class 2008 S320CDI LWB (W221 OM642 221. Aug 18, 2015 · Beware of Common Rail Diesel engine “rattle” at any time! Common Rail Diesel (CRD, CD, CDI) problems can be incredibly expensive to fix! We have recently introduced a product ‘CRD Fuel ENHANCER’, which lubricates the diesel fuel, prevents components from rusting due to condensation water and removes sticky fuel deposits which cause the injectors to […] I know diesels can rattle when under load but what generally causes this. I only hear it at WOT from a stand still. It only rattles under load around 3000 RPM. 7 L engine was operated at conditions similar to its 2002 emission calibration in all tests, which included idle and three load conditions expressed in brake mean effective pressure (BMEP): 200 kPa BMEP at 1500 rpm, 600 kPa BMEP at 1500 rpm, and 900 kPa BMEP at 2500 rpm, each with and without the DOC, and each with I had an '01 d*dge R** 1500 that absolutely hated 87 octane. TDCi 130 engine rattle. Finally found it. 713-408-0423. That was an extreme heavy loading. Any time you see a change in the behavior, you need to address it. Mar 03, 2014 · In idle there are quite a few, I can just imagne what it's like under load. If you can only hear the rattle and not feel it, then it very well could be a wastegate rattle. 4 MT on highway (had hardly covered 600 km by then) and the first thing on the highway was filling unleaded / normal diesel at a Shell Fuel pump. It gradually subsides after a few minutes of driving. The color match isn't perfect but I'm still happy with how it turned out. Makes noise under load 1900-2200 rpms. 8tdci Galaxy (30,000 miles) and i am mostly enjoying the experience. However, I read siemens vdo HP pumps are self bleeding, so didn't pay much attention to that. My guess: one of the Heat Shields has a few tack welds that have popped on my 2009 F-150, and buzz (heat shield against the Catalytic body or whatever) when the sympathetic vibration hits a certain level. It was born to tow and survive constant use under heavy load. It has n't seemed to effect the performance of the engine. Also reduced in higher gears and almost gone in 5th. Aug 29, 2012 · Kinda scary. 04 WRX, manual, 73k on the clock The car has the normal "piston slap" sound on cold starts. It 'seems' to be coming from the engine rather than the pump - as if a pump setting/problem is causing the knock rather than anything physical within the pump. The 2009 Ford F-150 has 12 problems reported for engine clatters like a diesel at low rpm. Read more and see pictures at Car and Driver. My truck makes what I'll describe as an injector rattle sound, which seems to be common according to several of the posts I've read. I have a 2003 dodge 3/4 ton 2 wl drive cummins. Power Stroke and Duramax), in this price range none of them do it better than the 5. Regardless of what they protect, when they come loose, they can make some scary rattles when the engine is under load. 5td 5spd crewcab longbed dually. I have a 08 Pete 389. but as soon as I put a little torque to it the rattle would appear. Rail pressure and data look perfect. My 2013 sr does it to at the same rpm, I think its to do with engine load or something, like cause its under light load it gets a typical diesel rattle, someone I think one of the tuners on here said that once cause I noticed it to when I first got the car. If you can hear a loud metallic vibration, it usually means that something is touching the exhaust pipe or that a clamp, support bracket or mounting is loose. 0-l Engine Noises By Patrick Rall - March 26, 2020 F-150 engine is making a metallic knocking noise under light load and owners are puzzled. I saw damage to the outside edge of the flywheel gear teeth. Looks like a perfectly nice car so far, but one thing I have noticed is a distinct rattling noise from the engine under acceleration. advancing throttle lever in neutral or in gear the rpm´s jump from 700 to 1100, unable to get any rpm in between. I have a similar rattle. The "cackie" noise may by caused by pressure variation within the fuel rail and in virtually all instances is attributed to cylinder #8 (driver side rear). Regards Dave Fuel consumption is likely to rise substantially. Causes of blue smoke from diesel engines exhausts It’s never a good sign and could indicate a problem with your engine, so the sooner you address it, the lower the risk of causing lasting damage There are a number of possible causes for blue smoke coming from your engine – and that is why we’ve produced a 90-second animation to show you Prius :: Sound Like Diesel Motor When Under Slight Load Mar 18, 2011. I'll start by changing the fuel filter and the return lines (they do connect to the filter via a bypass valve thingy, probably to warm the fuel as quickly as possible). Posted by. Oct 18, 2010 · Yes the proper flex disc is the # 26 11 1 209 168 (you may see other numbers referenced as well, do to part number supercessions). These injectors drive diesel fuel into the cylinder where it is oxidized and ignited, creating the legendary earth-moving power the Ford Powerstroke is known for. Is this normal for a stock motor? Does it get worse over time? Bit of an issue with the 3L, I had a search but couldn't find a thread the fitted my symptoms. I have a 2016 ED with about 4,000 miles on it. I decided (as I am keeping the car and it has been overly maintained) that I would change the crank angle sensor and the knock sensors. See: the Wiki page for this. can the converter be turned my hand while the engine is off? if so take the inspection cover off and turn it by hand. I had even worse rattle about a year ago at the beginning of the front of the rear driveshaft. If you recently . The key to understanding this lies in understanding the diesel engine. It’s a 1999 Volvo V70, 2. It sounds deep enough that it could be suspension related, but is not [I have had this checked]. Hi car is rattling under load appears to come from tappets Appear toy these are hydraulic can you adjust these Thanks Dave When you look under the hood of your car, not much is visible, much less heard—that is, when everything is in working order. The car has 100,000 miles on it. Petroleum diesel, also called petrodiesel, or fossil diesel is the most common type of diesel fuel. Smoke test - no leaks Catalyst shield tight No additional noises in engine. This setup uses a switch on the injection pump to kick down the transmission to a lower gear when under load. Mondeo 2006 2. First is inefficient combustion chamber temperatures can create a situation where the fuel is not getting an efficient total burn. So when revving the cold engine it gets worse. A. At the point where the chain guides are worn beyond the ability of the hydraulic tensioner to take up the slack, the timing chain begins to rattle. checking tolerence on pto today. My problem is a abrupt miss and sudden loss of all power under normal acceleration around 2,000 RPM. Generally speaking these can all be resolved relatively easily. an unusual metallic rattle or knocking when the engine is under load). 0. 21-12-97 4X4 - near 2000 RPM - Buzz or clatter from the transfer case - worse under load or with diesel. Things I've tried already: I already replaced my VANOS seals with the Beisan Systems kit at 68k miles and did the Rattle Repair procedure at the same time and the new bearings Apr 21, 2017 · I bought a diesel 2011 iload 6 weeks ago, it has just under 200,000ks on the clock and he guy I bought it off was a mechanic specializing in performance work. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2018 Ford F-150 based on all problems reported for the 2018 F-150. This is often overlooked and is a simple fix. Hey does anyone have a problem with their Toyota Hilux 2007,motor rattling under load when cold also rough idle when cold, have to travel 25 km to stop gear lever from rattling. I’m sure there were more. The the truck starts and idles fine and shows no obvious smoke out the tailpipe. Once you identify the source of the rattle, you can take steps to make the proper repair. Other concern was poor shifting. This occurs on acceleration with the engine under a load. The 460 motor in Ol' Yellar pings under load. Perhaps torque production has a role in it. 6 logo on it. Sometimes its bad enough to rattle the dash. In the television series, Diesel becomes a permanent resident of Sodor. i get the usual rattle when i start the engine from cold, that disappears after a second or 2. Sep 27, 2013 · Hi there,Just bought a 57 plate 2. 22 Jun 2013 We have a 2004 (54) Ford C-Max 1. Doesn't do it all the time. there is one bolt on that piece that faces forward. Deffinately sounds like it's coming from the front of the car tho, rather than underneath i. Many manufacturers equip diesel engines with glow plugs to aid in starting the engine in cold climates. It only happens when I drive over larger bumps with the front drivers tire, and speed does not really effect the noise, only how loud it hi everyone, My 2004 2. Recently returned from a 1,200 mile vacation from San Diego to Arizona and back. , at idle. Gear clatter may occur at specific numbers of revolutions under load. . it's accompanied with sounds of noisy injector rattle. I have a 2008 prius with 80 000 miles and recently it started sounding like a diesel motor when under slight load and the accelerator pedal slightly depressed. You can T into the map line for the gauge. What I did was inspected the starter and the flywheel gear. I would only hear it under load. The noise goes away almost entirely when warmed up except for at really low throttle applications below 3k RPM or so, under load. The experiments used 26 test conditions (Table 2). My mechanic drove it and when you make the truck swerve to the right the noise stops, when you swerve to the left, same noise. It is injected as a liquid under high pressure (in the order of 2500 psi) and is atomized into a spray pattern of small droplets. of heavy-duty diesel engines and to investigate gear rattle and gear whine noise characteristics under loaded and unloaded gear conditions. The chains ride against a nylon guide (a chain guide) which, in time, begins to wear. Uncontrolled combustion in Petrol engine is known as knocking and in Diesel engine its called as detonation. 9tdi the dmf went bad a couple of weeks ago. My 04 only has 76k miles and sounds like a diesel upon startup or driving next to walls. If i switch from Stage 1 back to stock (GIAC) the rattle disappears almost completely (Ive only tested this twice). At idle and past about 2500rpm you can't hear it. There were no noticeable power or performance issues under light load. with an FJ60 electric dist. A mechanic who just had a quick look at it said that it might be the timing chain has stretched and is tapping while idle, but tightens up when the revs are up, hence no rattle once I get going. This increased load can cause rattles from things like the power steering pump pulley , loose parts (even a loose hood prop rod can rattle under th additional vibrations created by operating your air conditioner). Either way truck is all stock with 83k miles. It's definitely coming from the engine bay. 3 Powertroke, 6. Apr 19, 2016 · 92 Diesel Feels Sluggish when going up Hill. 0 TR Auris D4D second-hand, with 57,000 miles on the clock. VW dealer introduced me to this product, and it made a difference since the first 4oz to full tank of diesel on 2012 VW Jetta TDI. Quiets down when speed stabilizes. However, there are measures you can take to keep the pump happy and healthy, the first being to always buy your diesel from a high-traffic, reputable filling station that’s known to Under high load, low RPM situations, such as accelerating in OD (torque converter locked up), there is a vibration, I can feel it through the floor and even up through the steering wheel. Brand new set from lds. can anyone guess where this noise comes from? When you find it let me know, I'm quite deaf but this annoying rattle in the dash at around 2000-2200 under load is in the frequency range that works, drives me crazy. hi ,i have a xtype diesel 2. its a 2006 zd30 d22 navara Posted by darcy campbell on Nov 16, 2012 The rattle disappears when the revs come up, but sounds really awful at idle. This will give the distinct ping or diesel knock due to a portion of the fuel not being atomized evenly out of the holes. Page 3 of 3 First 1 2 3. This will take you directly to the resources we offer to help you fix the problem. In short, the distinctiveness of your typical diesel sound comes from a combination The high pitch hiss noise you hear from some diesels as they accelerate comes from 2020 Stack Exchange, Inc. So you could say a non-turbo Diesel is clean around 14 to 15:1. If it had a petrol engine I would say that it was pinking under load, but its diesel. Turns out it was a metal bracket just under the top lip inside the glove box. Sep 28, 2012 · ok this is whats goin on 3 mo ago i had this rattle start, this is what it does oil has 2 get 2 about 150 water gets 150 the truck has 2 get warmed up out on the interstate. S. First of all the EGR went that cost us over £200 then the turbo which Shifter noise and/or rattle - loose knob retainer nut Pry out the plastic gear shift diagram. Only on right side and only when turning to the right. Reference Number(s): 10-19-2, Date of Issue: October 11, 2010 FORD: 2011 F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 ISSUE. Check the air filter. We also carry the basics for the 6. It sounds like heavy tappit rattle and only lasts for a second or so. Steam engines in use at the time converted about 10% of their fuel into usable energy. When it is warm, or the engine is warm, it ticks under light load and is only auidible inside my Jeep under 25mph. 2002 model 145Ks, egr blocked at 30K, DP chip, have tried another MAF, new fuel filter, fuel, have unplugged the chip, same. user contributions under cc by-sa. I has a rattle and a knock which has sent me googling for an explanation. My 2006 dodge ram cummins makes a rattle sound at about 1100 rpm when it is under load. i have had mine in the shop 6 or 7 times with this problem , the dealership tried everything they knew to do, including some type of re-programing, new timing chains Mines doig it, its had the pulleys, temsioners etc changed and still does it, is yours noisey from cold as well (mine souns choppy near the wheel arch), and when under load when drivin up a hill do you hear a clacking noise from the engine bay, and when your cars warm it rattles about 2k. Nov 24, 2018 · As you might’ve guessed, water and/or dirt contamination isn’t covered under GM’s warranty, so you’ll likely be footing the bill if your CP4. He had replaced the turbo and did some tweeking to the computer, telling me that although this would give it more power if I drove it like normal I would get better fuel economy. 2. Well figure it's time for injectors. We service the vehicle by the book, we have used Wynns products for fuel every 5000k which does make the vehicle ru The 2004 Ford F-250 has 1 problems reported for bucking / jerking when under load. Its very high compression gave it a very high thermal efficiency. At Nov 15, 2012 · 2. When I shift into first gear, the RPMs pick back up and the rattle goes away. Some times while under load ( heavier acceleration) I will get ticking /rattle, thought it might be my juice so, I lowered the setting from 4 to 1 and it is still there, so I lowered it to stock, and it is still there. LML Misfire/ rattle under high load LML. At about 120,000 miles developed a rattle over and above the normal diesel rattle at exactly 2000 rpm. To achieve these objectives , Seven problems related to engine rattling and whining sounds have been reported for the 2018 Ford F-150. The RPMs also drop while it is rattling. I do get white smoke on start-up (not on actual start but maybe 2min. Jun 2, 2012 (8 years ago) My Mondeo has developed a metallic knock noise when driving under load and sounds a little like "pinking" when accelerating, it sounds more when the engine is at operating temperature. we have spent a crap load of money on it trying to get it fixed. Anyhow  18 Aug 2015 Beware of Common Rail Diesel engine “rattle” at any time! Sometimes a rattley, or pinging noise occurs under acceleration from cold, but will  12 May 2015 When an unfamiliar noise starts coming from somewhere under the hood, And that's also why you hear the pinging and rattling noises. Solved low rail (well bandaid) week later starts this misfire, shudder, rattle, smother out shit. Exhaust gas temperatures, under heavy load, often exceed 1,000°F (538°C), while the pressure may be more than 20 times that of the ambient atmosphere. They say nothing wrong. Under heavy load, the crank walks AWAY from the starter giving just enough clearance for no contact being made between the 2 gears. Contact Information. so i changed to a smf a couple days ago and the first drive was successful but around 2000rpm i heard a slight grinding noise, the noise was so fine that it almost sounded like an air intake leak sucking air. It sounds like garbage and maybe it's me but I think it's getting worse. 5 diesel truck. It only rattles @ 800 RPMs pretty loud. 2016 Canyon SLT diesel, one month old. Thanks a bunch for the info! Had a 2015 LML with a blown CP4 that I did a CP3 conversion with the exact problem and thanks to your advice I was finally able to fix it. No issues whatsoever except for this. with a vaccum advance. :rolleyes5: Jan 07, 2014 · Basically my question is, what sort of knocks or rattles would you get when putting an engine under a bit of load. The video(s) will show up under My Video Manuals. Customer complaint was severe lack of power and performance on this 05 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 5. Do you guys have a "clatter or cackle" right off idle? I seem to have it from idle to about 1000-1100 RPM when I'm accelerating slowly. I took the truck for a test drive as I graphed the data with my Snap-on Modis. It sounds a lot like the pinking youd get on a mistimed petrol engine Can any of you power stroke guru's identify this rattle/ light knock. I do appreciate a normal cold IDI diesel engine is noisy but this is +30% extra. "You've got more pulling power and more acceleration at those speeds. I've check other things I though might be it with no avail. woodrow , Apr 30, 8:43am Engine Rattling/pinging noise apparent when under load under 2000 rpm. This is not my youtube video, but my car sounds EXACTLY like this 97 Chevy K3500 6. Light throttle can get lots to rattle from the car. if the converter is rattling then it is done. That temperature and pressure, however, is at the very heart of the diesel cycle, or combustion process; without it a diesel engine simply would not run. too. 1) in order to reduce the exhaust Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) levels within the Selective Catalyst Reduction stage of the exhaust aftertreatment For those who may be able to help, the ticking noise is not present in cold temps (under 35 F) with the engine cold. Apr 15, 2009 · Engine Noise Under Load - posted in Technical Section For MK1 & MK2: Hi I'm hoping someone knows what the noise could be. My Profile My Preferences My Mates. Mar 24, 2005 · Okay, so not a dodge, but on my chev gasser. The engine runs quietly, without black smoke, and it tops Bill McKinnon's list. Blue smoke, not using any engine oil, no lack of power, seems to be slightly heavy on diesel. Jeremy Jun 18, 2016 · The noise happens whenever the car is under load (in Drive and going up small inclines or accelerating in a spirited way) and goes away above and below by about 50 RPM. 5 diesel p38 ive noticed when driving it i get a rattle or a knocking noise when you accelerate above 2500 rpm , the rattle is only there when under load , doesnt do it if you are parked up and revving engine Dec 04, 2013 · I thought i had ballsed it up when i tipped the fuel pump and out poured a load of diesel but my mate assurednme it was ok as its electronic. The rattle is coming from the front driveshaft where it connects to the transfer case. A fuel vent cap may have been left on the tank after assembly, and should be removed to prevent vacuum buildup in the tank. Combustion noise is related to the maximum cylinder pressure gradient, Figure 9 [3337] . Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 14, 2013. a. 2 diesel. But most drivers accept there may be evidence of short puffs of gray smoky haze or vapour when the engine is accelerating hard or under heavy load. Here’s a video of the sound at idle. So, as mileage accumulates – the clatter caused by primary chain slack will increase. (top end?) I dont get any other knocks or rattles at idle 9 Common Problems With 7. Once under way, there is constant tension on the chain and the rattle will disappear. Also, due to a lack of oxygen (which is needed to complete the combustion process), the engine sometimes starts to misfire, sometimes seriously (this misfiring may produce an unusual metallic rattle or knocking when the engine is under load). Its done 45k easy miles and is regularly serviced and well look after, but there is a sound from it that is driving me insane. When running still the motor sounds fine. 3 PVC re-route Filtration F. As the car is still under warranty probably better to seek a second opinion from a local diesel specialist or MB Independent. Louder when under a load (like hauling the camper). When you put in drive the machine runs good but makes a horrible rattling noise like it has a set of bearings bouncing around. When it is on pavement the blades run at full throttle with no problem. Yeah that is usually when it will happen or if you have a chip or tuner added to the truck. Haha. 8TD Diesel Engine (Mk1/Mk2 Mondeo): Hi there, I own a 2003 53 plate Ford Mondeo 2. Nov 20, 2015 · When the AC turns on, it puts the entire engine under a heavier load. 0 engines (with and without turbo) from years 2008-2013 which can happen at any mileage and at any time. Figured you guyes could help. It sounds like ithe noise is coming from the bottom of the drivers door. These may incite natural frequencies of the drive unit to such an extent that tooth flanks separate off and clatter despite their load from the torque. and the starter gear. The dash flanges would be a drag, I'm not even certain where they are. 7 Powerstroke to discuss items that you should look out for and expect to deal with over time. Click on a category above in menu bar to view info on prices and products. 5 diesel truck”. mercedessource Tech help - Summary list of the most common causes and parts needed to fix them Part 2 of 5 The common problem is listed and the reference word or words for the part to fix it are listed as a solution. Noise level of a Kioti diesel? I have a 3054 and it has the TD1400 engine. We Mar 14, 2011 · It's not normal knock - it's pretty damn loud. Loud as in sounds like my Jeep is falling apart!! Under load in this case means hammering the gas, or running up a steep hill and maintaining low speed. I think that keeps the heat under control, altho the engine runs pretty hot no matter what. Using our website search box for both tech help and products, enter the words of the solution. If you are feeling and or hearing a rattle under a mild to moderate load then it sounds as though it is DSG related and normal. 5L Diesel shooting out black smoke C/K Car Forums . My mechanic who works on nothing but Subarus assured me that it sounds a 100x better than most Subarus he has come in. I have a rattle in my truck under WOT as well. Kind of like the noise you hear when you shake "Slight rattle under load. The motor is actually a built 429, bored out to 460. Re: Solved: Injector Rattle / Diesel Knock in Toyota diesel engines Here's my story over injector rattling or diesel knocking. it sounds like a bearing. I recently bought a used 2009 1. Is that normal for JKs? It is really noticeable with the top off or with Mar 26, 2020 · 2018 F-150 Owner Seeks Help with Odd 5. My truck is stock and this rattle/prefire/ping sound is always present under load - basically the more throttle, the more pronounced the noise. It's held on by 4 or 5 torx screws and most were only finger tight at best. 9. Do a search for Mercedes Independents in your area on the forum or better still ask for a recommendation from members, the 250 Diesel engine suffered injector problems when introduced so worth pursuing as replacement is costly. I've booked the car in to a diesel specialist for a injector check up NorseFreelander, Aug 25, 2016 #22. The good news is it doesn't seem to harm anything (yet). It has also been described as a rattle or scraping noise. Makes a heck of a rattle when upshifting and accellerating. 513. If you can actually feel the rattle then it is probably not the wastegate. Too much load on the engine for the rpm Deposits in the combustion chamber that heat up to the point that they can ignite the air/fuel mixture I think giving the ignition a service (ie, new plug, distributor cap and rotor if the engine still has one of those, plug leads of those look like they're original) is a good starting point. I recently purchased a used 2015 eco gc summit with 15k. More specifically, under hard acceleration and going up steep grades. - have not found any leaks as of yet. Horrible rattle under load around 2000rpm On my 2007 passat 5sp 1. The noise increases and decreases with rpm's. New Branson 4220 engine rattle Starts fine runs good, however between 1300 and 2100 rpm the engine sounds like it has a loose bolt rattling around in the engine. The Centering Sleeve (or guide bushing) # 26 11 7 526 611 is the bushing the installs into the nose of the driveshaft and it centers the forward end of the driveshaft on the end on the transmission output shaft. The engine performs well, with reasonable mpg and no smoke. 39VDC and VDC increase smoothly and gradually with throttle lever movement. 0 TDCI 130bhp 6 speed 5 door hatchback. 5 diesel. The key of longevity for any engine is regular maintenance. You can actually grab the harness and noise stops. Average repair cost is $7,000 at 66,600 miles. Some Ford 6. If you want a diesel then I would recommend a 300TDi as you can get full fitting kits Td4 Rattle and stutter under load - SOLVED. 2007-03-30 140864 Art is on the right track, but I would offer a couple of pointers, and need a little more info. Come Mar 10, 2014 · - since the work was completed i have found that in any gear, from idle - 1200rpm, if the engine is under any load at all, it makes a clattering rattling sound that can be quite loud. failing flexplate could also be possible, but from what i have read that usually causes a noise in P or N and goes away when in gear or when you bump the rpm up a little. First i notice the engine sound quieter, about 100 miles drive around i felt like it has new oil power and less diesel rattle on lower RPM. I first noticed the noise at 1,500 miles, and my truck now has 10,500 miles with no issues, other than the annoying sound. 2 diesel - Top end rattle under load mondeo 2. A diesel engine is difficult to start in cold weather due to its lack of an electronic ignition system. 13 Jun 2019 As the bearings wear out, the pistons will start to rattle against the This belt must be under the exact right amount of tension so that it turns  If you hear rattling under the car it could mean that the exhaust system has become misaligned. Duck was unimpressed by Diesel's claims of being "revolutionary" and left him 1. Noise when under load from 1000-2500rpm - posted in TDI & Diesel Forum: Hi, New to the forum after recently buying a 1. Oct 11, 2015 · Nissan navara D40 engine Rattle listen to this faulty fuel injector Nissan 4x4 Bogs Down Under load problem SOLVED! Liqui Moly Diesel purge on my Nissan Navara D40 2. The car is fine under power or decelerating, but if you hold it at speed right I have a loud engine rattle like there’s a golf ball bouncing around in the engine. w/Donaldson P551313 Niketane filter head w/ Donaldson P553207 w Oct 13, 2017 · Always threw low rail under hard pulls. 6 LMM D-MAX, 4inch Turbo back straight pipe into 7 stacks, Modified Allison 6 speed done by suncoast, EFI LIVE with Danville performance Tow tune & ,DPF,DOC,EGR delete Best MPG is 21. Not very noticeable when idling. I am replacing my dist. To achieve these objectives , It should also be noted that some light black smoke at high RPM, under load, and/or at higher altitudes is typical of a naturally aspirated IDI diesel engine. It’s a tin sound. The high-compression, slow-burning diesel engine was as much as … since i got my car i have noticed a sort of rattle/scraping noise which comes from the engine around the time when the turbo kicks in, around 1500-2000 rpm. Rattles from underneath your car indicate something is loose, or that  11 Oct 2018 If there's a problem developing under the hood of your Kia, you're likely to hear an unusual noise. Turned out when I finally found it, it was the bushings on the clutch linkage was worn out. usually a minimum of 3 stage and some do up to a 5 stage. May also be a heat shield spacifically around the cat. Jun 12, 2012 · I've got a nice rattle/clank noise coming from the engine on the truck, would like some opinions on what it could be. These shields prevent heat transfer into the cabin of the vehicle, the fuel lines and even the gas tank. The problem got much better after I changed my spark plugs, wires, distributor cap & rotor (160,000 miles), but it still likes 89 octane much better. 3 powerstroke. Rattle (noise) under acceleration - PLEASE HELP!!! - posted in 1. 4 triton cam phaser rattle. I have worked on cars a lot in th past but all petrol, diesels only recently. If you attempt to drive (or rev above 1500rpm) the sound becomes very loud and is then obviously undrivable. annyone on here own a a 99-02 5. White Smoke Indicates a Faulty Fuel System: Time for a Fuel Injector Service . 27. Might want to check your timing. I like to drive in a quite car and rarely push it in town. Installed fass 95 two weeks ago as low rail was getting worse. 0D X-type developed a problem lately, and it's really annoying. We bought a 2007 mondeo 2 ltr Diesel turbo in Sept 2012 from what we thought was a big reputable company how wrong were we. Under load (up hills or when the torque increases) I hear a sympathetic rattle (or buzzing) coming from somewhere underneath. This is my daily whilst my MK1 is off the road for the winter! To cut to the point - after a heavy right foot pull out into a gap in traffic, a noise has developed. Volkswagen Engine Rattle Not Just a Noise But a Serious Problem Desert Oasis Auto Repair February 16, 2017 Volkswagen There is an issue plaguing Volkswagen 2. 4L, non-turbo, automatic It has 260,000km or 162,000mi Listen for There are two main contributors to the answer. And, Usually occurs after the engine has reached or is near normal operating temperature. I have taken my recently purchased Innova Crysta 2. Never just cruising along easy or at idle. Eg the spring in my auto shifter in my corvette rattles at 36 mph in 4th gear under load but not earlier gears. its not a loud noise but is noticeable above the normal diesel engine noise, and its not there all the time, i did think it was something loose on the engine but after googling it could be the diesel injection pump, if it is, is it an easy 2010-02-21 168737 I have a Gator 6X4 with about 750 hours. 3 IDI Motors), 7. 2 goes south. Just had diagnostics run and major service (cam belt etc) at main dealer. "Devious" Diesel, as his name implies, is a sinister diesel shunter and the first diesel engine to arrive on Sodor who originates from the Other Railway. mine does EXACTLY that. 3 ) that shows the main contributing parts of the rattle system. Just before Christmas i had what i would call a rocking sensation under my feet when driving up the link road of course hubby thought i was mad, until he drove it himself to work 40 miles away and realised that when he put the engine under load the car Diesel engine smoke problems materialize for varying reasons. If you're paying the cost is May 09, 2016 · Hello all, I have a Canyon SLT 2. A couple months ago I put new head gaskets in my truck, shortly after that I noticed what I thought was a valve train rattle/knock when the engine is under a load. Once I get above 1100 RPM its gone and its nice smooth grunt power and sound. Have a look around and feel free to call or email for more info. To put it logically, if the ECU could learn, it would know that one cylinder is dumping fuel in the case of cold knock and correct it quickly, but it doesn’t…. Reason for the ECM rattle is due to the wiring harness attached to it. Here is a page from the Detroit Diesel 71 series manual on how to qualify rods. So far the mechanics have no idea where the knocking is coming from. [email protected] We are asked everyday “what should I do to my 6. It didn't help but the car seems to start better now. after start-up) but it's very minimal and I'm positive this is condensation build Diesel engines rattle because of the initial shock wave caused by the rapid uncrontrolled increase in pressure within the combustion chamber when injection of the fuel. You will see the boost gauge flutter basically the turbo is stalling and doesn't know which way to spin that is turbo surge and its very hard on the shaft and bearings, so you either need to drive through it or let off the throttle to prolong the life of your Re: What causes diesel rattle? To put it in a nutshell, the diesel "rattle" and the knock/ping of a gasser are essentially the same thing. typically its small pre-injection, then main fuel load then a trailing injection. Occurs in any gear. 7 May 2018 If you have an engine rattling noise, engine knocking, or any kind of engine and there's a rattle or knocking noise that happens under load. We tow a big caravan and the noise goes away at normal revs. Heavy duty diesels and most trucks emit some white or black smoke on startup or accelerating. 0 D4D and have noticed the same problem under load getting a strange noise from the engine bay when accelerating. No big deal it's a grandpa truck. Less rattle, more hum The diesel Pajero virtually rewrites the script. mine had come loose. The best way I can think to describe it is "diesel-like" in sound. After 7-8 miles it quietens down but is still there when holding steady acceleration. Other advice was "engine coked", try running on Shell V-power. The result will be higher combustion temperatures under load and an increased chance of detonation. 9 and 7. Open road, set throttle to 50% revs come up the rattle occurs till gear change 2 then revs come up then rattle till gear 3 etc etc On moderate or full throttle it is constantly there. If you can hear a loud metallic vibration, it usually means that  Also, many diesel owners resent paying to have their engine's EGR valve replaced at a EGR systems operate primarily when the vehicle is cruising under light load. Or does it do it when under steady driving, and or light steady acceleration? There is a good chance that an injector has a couple of nozzles plugged. - noisy tappet sound when under load . I had mine done under warranty and it was much better. 2 years ago. In a new diesel engine the rings need time to seat properly and develop an air- tight seal. i heard a rattle from my truck not to long ago and it turns out that there is an oval thing sitting on top of the engine dead center that as the dmax 6. Any help? On Feb 25, 2008, a question titled 'series 60 knock noise' (2793) was added to the Detroit forum on Diesel Talk. An engine rattle is usually a sign that something has gone wrong. Whenever I have the engine under load there appears to be a rattling or vibrating sound that seems to come from the engine or the drivetrain. Refer to a service manual for the configuration and hose routing of your engine's EGR system, and the recommended procedure for checking the operation of the EGR system. so i have to look forward too i have had the same problem with my 08 altima, it sounds like a diesel engine on cold mornings for the first 5 miles or so then the noise goes away until the engine cools off. Loosen it with a deep socket. Only happens while in gear and driving. I recently changed the -under powered-over rated for towing-struggled towing my 6500lb load-12mpg towing said load-crappy brakes-poor build quality-poor fit and finish-cheap materials-wasn’t a good sounding truck, IMHO, obnoxious When towing a load. get a REAL diesel!! have 350k on my 97 7. u/noavaliableusername. Diesel smoke begins for a ‘tuned’ non-turbo diesel at anything below 14:1 AFR. Sounds like it would be a metal guard on maby the exhaust or turbo? Hopeing its not nothing in the turbo? I just cant seem to pin point it. May 12, 2016 · I recently fixed the brakes on my car, and now my car is making a loud rattle sound when I am idling, and also when in neutral. Oct 20, 2011 · The 357 I just built has a tick/rattle that you can hear under load and I can't figure it out. Rumble rumble rumble! A diesel engine's unique mixture of pressure and ignition causes its signature noise. A forum community dedicated to all Ford Diesel owners and enthusiasts. 2 has what sounds like an exhaust leak when under load or mild acceleration. Under that is a 14mm hex nut. 8 Dmax with 3500km on it. Noise stops when foot is lifted slightly but engine still under load. I went back in and adjusted the valves, since it sounded like a valve train noise, it got quieter, but the rattle didn't go away. Think a mini explosion each power stroke. I hear mine mostly under load (especially when towing a trailer or going up a long hill) starting at 2K RPM as you noticed. Ford Superdutys with Powerstrokes are generally great, robust trucks, but they do have their problems. Generally, this is only a problem when there is no load on the engine, i. The only thing i have noticed is an excessive diesel rattle when at low speed or low gears. oh yea truck is pete with n14 super 10 w air leaf suspension. There is only about 50000 miles on it,, and most of it is done towing about Mar 05, 2011 · Cool *** Diesel Dave 2008 3500 HD DUALLY 4WD SLE 420 HP/855TQ 6. 5 diesel p38 ive noticed when driving it i get a rattle or a knocking noise when you accelerate above 2500 rpm , the rattle is only there when under load , doesnt do it if you are parked up and revving engine I've been on shorter runs to work for the last three weeks, started to get a bit of tinny engine/exhaust noise when under load, mostly 2000-3000 but right through to 4000. Then make sure the shifter knob is screwed on as far as it will go. These insulating mats are inexpensive, and most clip to the edges of the hood or are installed with automotive adhesive. Rover V8 Sounds Like a 'Rattle Gun' Under Load. Mar 26, 2016 · My 2015 sierra 6. Towed a 20' trailer which weighs about 3,500 pounds. Joined Apr 14, 2013 · 3 Posts . Show Full Signature I Like a Tidy Forum - 2000 ZD30 with a few bits and a New Eclipse Turbo Apr 04, 2018 · I have the same problem. The lower RPM makes the ignition of each cylinder easier to hear and the compression ignition system gives it it's rattle like sound. I have taken this problem to Customer Relations at Toyota, they have advised that this noise is a"characteristic" of the D4-D common rail diesel, although ours did not have this "Characteristic" until it reached the 10,000 km mark. 0 Powerstroke, 6. 9 dodge cummis ? we have one on the farm w/290K miles and it has a issue whre going down the road and it bucks and jumps when you get on it up a hill or puling a load. When I turn gradually to the right under speed around 30-40mph I get a vibration/hum/rattle in back on the right side. In diagnosing the misfire, some information is needed about the maintenance of the vehicle. The 1. Had 2 new injectors and high pressure pump fitted under warranty but now out of warranty. * new 150 Gallen per hr fass fule pump *rebuild Bosch injection pump "under warrnty" Oct 25, 2012 · Diesel Engine Rattle - posted in MKIII Technical section: Hi all,Firstly i am a new ford owner and secondly my first diesel car. I'm getting a slight rattling sound under load at around 1500-2000 RPM that sounds like pinging on an old V8 when you had the timing too far advanced or you had fuel with too low octane. More aggressive driving, loads or road inclines tend to aggravate the situation. when the truck starts 2 pull a grade it will start a rattle around 1500 to 1700 rpm. ACTION: Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition. ". Pre-Powerstroke Though the trucks containing them May 21, 2020 · The diesel engines (RPOs LWN, LM2, L5P, L5D) available on 2020 Colorado, Express, Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500HD/3500HD, Silverado 4500HD/5500HD/6500HD, Canyon, Savana, Sierra 1500, and Sierra 2500HD/3500HD models use Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) (Fig. The "sharp" misfire, on the other hand, frequently relates to ignition problems. All the following have been checked. Starts, idles fine, when you pick up the revs quickly it gets a loud diesel So, symptoms: loud clattering/rattle from underneath, but only under load, and only when hot. Then tighten the 14mm locknut. To me it almost sounds like the infamous 5. The "soft" misfire, often called a surge, is commonly associated with fuel related issues. Diesel fuel does not evaporate in the cylinder, as does gasoline in a gasoline engine. I have a 2017 ecodiesel 4x4. Check the boost under load - it should peak near 20 psi. First, it might be easier, and safer, to loosen an injector line, wrap the dickens out of it with rags, then start the beast with some WD-40 or similar NOT ETHER or quick start. The heat of compression is hot enough to ignite the atomized fuel droplets. The wiper arms are easy to check - open the inspection hatches and give the bars a shake to see if that is the rattle - MAKE SURE THE CAR IS OFF to prevent losing fingers if the wipers were to activate. buy a well maintained cummins or 7. 3 Power Stroke Diesel Engines, And How You Can Fix Them However there are several common problems that can develop over time. It will rattle under no load at 1050 to 1,100 rpm. I just bought a 09 Wrangler X 6 speed and I'm just curious about something. 1st Ave Eugene, OR 97402 . Average failure mileage is 77,750 miles. Test Conditions. Jan 25, 2011 · Some 2008 F-Super Duty vehicles equipped with a 6. I believe the engine has a random spark advance at lower rpms. Under load, high gear low RPM's when it is lugging along. (for a diesel!) and doesn’t use any oil. Lately I am using 15w40 diesel VARIABLES: filled only with BP Ultimate Diesel (at the same servo 90% of the time) with 25ml of Liqui-Moly Diesel Clean & Boost every tank, injector seats exchanged by Toyota about 10,000km ago. See the list below please. 4L engine and built before 6/18/2007 may exhibit a gurgling type noise coming from the heater core. If it is full of “black stuff”, replace it. It is produced from the fractional distillation of crude oil between 200 °C (392 °F) and 350 °C (662 °F) at atmospheric pressure, resulting in a mixture of carbon chains that typically contain between 9 and 25 carbon atoms per molecule. At around 40% throttle there no rattle and you can drive all day rattle chatter free. Once that gets installed and the timing is reset mine should go away. When cold I hear a rattle in the cabin, not terrible but there, when accelerating in the gears, reduces as the engine heats up but still audible. In many cases, white smoke emanating from the tailpipe (often at idle once the engine reached operating temperature) typically means a worn out injector. I know it isn't much of a test really, being that it's a fairly light load and it's pretty flat land around here, we'll see what happens when I hit the hills in TN and KY. After a short period of break-in hours under load, the blow-by problem   19 Jan 2019 Problems With the Spark Plugs. Mar 27, 2016 · Here a slight audio video of the rattle noise,,,,you might hear it at the end of the audio video Here's a picture of inside the oil cap,,,,as you might be able to see is some metal flakes inside the oil,,,,,customer was complaining about a rattle noise heard during cold start,,,,,on a 2014 328 N20 engine,,,,,I… Does it do it under heavy acceleration?. Some might call it clatter, but it only randomly happens like a tick/ping/misfire every 3 to 5 seconds. This will muffle much of the sound produced by a loud diesel engine. Use 4oz per fill up. A short puff of smoke when an engine is accelerated under load may be acceptable, due to the lag before the turbocharger speed and air flow is able to match the volume of diesel injected into the cylinders. Jun 02, 2012 · Knocking noise/Rattle when under load. Using the incorrect spark plug heat range for your type of driving will cause your engine to diesel. Dec 31, 2006 · I've read of two other possible sources - the wiper arms, and the flanges that attach the dash to the body. Nov 09, 2019 · Engine Spark Knock - That Annoying Knocking, Pinging Or Rattling Sound Engine spark knock sounds like a metallic knocking; pinging or rattling noise coming from your engine. If you hear rattling under the car it could mean that the exhaust system has become misaligned. Replacing the timing belt and all Aug 08, 2017 · One of the most common points of trouble and a common source of reliability complaints with the 6. engine clatter noise under load at low just the jeep is not the first diesel manual 4x4 I have owned Oct 18, 2006 · 6. I have noticed that under light load at around 1300-1500RPM (30-45mph) when I slightly press the throttle I hear a rattling noise I've probably mentioned this on the boards before, but now I finally want to do something about it. I can sit her on the driveway and with the engine Cold or Hot with my head under the hood in neutral and there is no rattle from anywhere. What I do, is avoid full throttle mowing; but I keep a pretty good rpm, about 3/4 throttle, just not full throttle. 6-liter Duramax turbo-diesel V-8 engine. I was running straight SAE30 oil, as recommended in manual. I had the CEL come on several times during the trip, but that has since been resolved by a PCM update at the Rattle noise while accelerating hard. I rattle canned the front plastic fender guards to match the body a bit better. We recently bought a 2013 Verso new 2. Oh yeaa, mine only happens under load too. To explain gear rattle one must look at it as an issue between the engine output and the transmission reaction (see Fig. 6TDCi 110bhp Diesel with a nasty engine rattle at anything over 2,500 rpm, most noticeable under load but  30 Apr 2018 WATCH: Can an engine use both petrol and diesel fuel? Rattling under the car: Your exhaust system or brake pads could be loose. It has also been incorrectly identified as a torque converter concern. I have a 03 2ltr Hdi pic on 85k it starts ok and runs smooth on idle and revving the engine everything seems normal ie just sounds like an ordinary diesel engine but when driving if I keep the revs low it appears to sound ok but if I put my foot down I get a rattling So far it has spent 10 days under warranty to fix the "engine knock" as you all have decribed. Basically the problem I am having with my 99 RD28 powered patrol is a nasty loud rattling, particularly loud on the first few seconds of cold start up (May be worth noting that the longer I glow it the less terrible the noise is, but also when driving under no load. " Close. If the switch is defective or out of adjustment your trans won't kick down under load and the truck will bog down. I have a 2006 diesel with around 75000 miles on the clock. Think im gonna take a load of diet pills before i attempt to dive into my engine bay again! Hi, I have an annoying rattle from under my drivers dash. stock rebuilt 401 performer manifold, stock distributor with a blaster2 coil. 10-6 CST. Oct 23, 2017 · > Question as answered what does knocking in petrol Engine mean and how is it different from detonation. Jan 28, 2010 · hi , just joined today , hoping someone can help , ive not long bought a 2. J. 9L inline-six. No change after using 2 tanks full. If i get into the car and start to drive when cold there is no noise at all I have a 48" exmark turf tracer that wants to bog down when the blades are engaged and encounter a load. The noise gets worse when the - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Mine seems to happen under load/acceleration and between 2,300-2,900 then goes away at the 3,000 rpm mark. 4036 W. Hi Its definitely fuel related, and only under load not at idle. Same problem. 9 Cummins. If you do notice it getting worse, we suggest you first pull the filter for inspection. 2008 f250 Its only noticeable just off idle or beginning of throttle tip in. Apr 14, 2013 · Diesel Turbo rattle? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. I did this even though my truck is a 2008 and I still have the rattle. Early diesel engines simply injected the fuel in one squirt which leads to a rapid increase in combustion chamber pressure. Aug 27, 2012 · Hi,Our LC200 series has developed a tapping noise at a set rev range of around 1500 revs under slight load at low speed. 0l Ford Powerstroke Diesel is the failure of the diesel injectors. 2L-d-tronic mercruiser diesel. Hangers and brackets hold your exhaust in place. 21-04-98 V10 5-speed - Manual Transmission Gear Rattle At Operating Temperatures 21-10-98a NV4500 manual w/ V10, diesel - fifth gear failure This means that many confuse the rattle noise with others such as diesel knock and the extent of the particular rattle noise is often underestimated. FIXED! new engine popping/backfiring under load it did it with my edelbrock 1406 and edelbrock q-jet. 9000 miles here, I've noticed a clacking noise when the engine is cold and under load. diesel rattle under load

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